Team CoolCare offers full-service installations and maintenance on refrigeration systems of all types to ensure that our clients get the most out of their setups as possible. We also modify existing systems to make them more efficient and economical.

Our refrigeration servicing and maintenance offers include the following:


Installation And Maintenance On Refrigeration Systems

Our refrigeration services will not only ensure that your refrigeration system is installed correctly but will also handle routine maintenance on it and its components to ensure that it keeps running to your expectations.

Supply Of Multi And Simplex Systems

We design and supply a range of refrigeration systems for your company’s needs. Contact us for more details on our multiplex and simplex systems.


Modifications On Existing Refrigeration Systems

Have us replace or modify the components associated with your refrigeration system to make it run more economically while also providing you with the effective performance you need.

Monitoring Systems For The Reduction Of Maintenance Costs

Our unique approach to maintenance will ensure that your hardware is constantly monitored for signs of damage or strain. This way, much-needed maintenance can be performed more quickly with minimal downtime for your business.


Installations Of Cold And Freezer Insulated Rooms

We specialise in design and installation of cold rooms and walk-in freezers for the commercial sector and offer our services at competitive prices with individual approaches to your needs.


Supermarket Design

Let our designers assist you in determining the ideal product for your needs as well as the manner in which it should be laid out for the most effective and economic performance.

Plant And Facility Room Maintenance

Maintenance is our strong point. We have extensive and highly-specialised experience in this field. Call us today if you need to have your refrigeration system maintained by a trusted professional.

CO2 Refrigeration

Team CoolCare is one of the few companies in Africa that provides installations and services for Carbon Dioxide based systems which hold many benefits for the environment. This ensures that we meet a growing global demand for solutions that are environmentally friendly and our customers who are looking to go green.