Industrial Range

Improve air quality and maintain a constant temperature throughout warehouses, shopping malls, hospitals, hotels and other industrial spaces with this innovative high-tech range of Midea’s Industrial Air Conditioning products


12kW to 18 kw Mini VRF

Midea Mini VRF can help users far away from noise and provide a cozy home environment. Midea VRF systems feature a compact footprint which requires less outdoor space, and with long piping length, the system allows maximum flexibility in installation. There are also a variety of indoor unit styles available depending on the preference of the homeowner or the installation requirements. Besides, some ranges have been certified by EUROVENT, which provides a common platform enabling full transparency in comparing product efficiencies and other main specifications.

One ODU drives at most 9 indoor units

Higher energy efficiency Smaller footprints, lower profiles, and quieter operation


  • Power Supply (Ph-V-Hz) 220-240/1/50

  • Cooling Capacity (kW) from 8 to 18  

  • Heating Capacity (kW) 8 to 18

  • Ambient temp.operation range(Cooling)(℃) -15~43

  • Ambient temp.operation range(Heating)(℃) -15~27


Media V6 VRF Series

8hp to 32HP V6 Series VRF

As the leading VRF product, V6 boasts substantial benefits such as the combination capacity can be up to 96HP which is leading in HVAC industry; EVI compressor significantly increases heating and cooling capacity under extreme conditions, EMS realizes that evaporating temperature (in cooling) and condensing temperature (in heating) are automatically adjusted according to both indoor and outdoor temperature to maximize the comfort and energy efficiency. Besides, the intelligent control system adds more value to V6 product.

Wide capacity range and operation range

EMS maximizes comfort and energy efficiency

EVI increases heating and cooling capacity under extreme conditions

Multi channels refrigerant cooling system

Triple configurations simplified installation, commissioning and servicing


  • Power Supply (Ph-V-Hz) 380-415/3/50

  • Capacity (kW) 25.2 to 90.0

  • Capacity (kBtu/h) 86 to 307.1

  • Ambient temp.operation range(Cooling)(℃) -5~54

  • Ambient temp.operation range(Heating)(℃) -23~24


Media Top-discharge Outdoor Series

R410A Top-discharge Outdoor Unit Series

The units are completely assembled, internally wired, charged outdoor unit with refrigerant at factory. It is applicable to home, office, hospital, hotel and others public.

  • High efficiency scroll compressor

  • High performance heat exchanger

  • High reliability

  • Convenient installation (Duct Indoor Unit)


  • Outdoor air flow(cubic meter/h)12500.0

  • Compressor capacity (W ) 21 900 to 17100

  • Compressor Qty 1 to 2

  • Power supply (V-Ph-Hz) 380-415V-3Ph-50Hz





Cooling capacity: 20 ~ 45 kW

CKN-XHE2i Full Inverter Package 

  • Small capacity full inverter package units for small footprint stores and one-stops.

  • Efficient direct drive Plug fans with EC motors.

  • Optimise for operation at partial loads and offers free-cooling.

  • Configuration with double fan sections for partial energy recovery.




Cooling capacity: 55 ~ 148 kW

CSRN-XHE2 Medium Capacity Package Units

  • Medium capacity rooftop package units suitable for small shopping centres, strip malls etc.

  • Exceptionally compact, perfect for small footprint installations.

  • Configuration with double fan section with fresh air and THOR thermodynamic recovery.

  • ErP compliant.




Cooling capacity: 155 ~ 376 kW

CSRT-XHE2 / CSRN-XHE2 Large Capacity Package Units 

  • Designed for the air-conditioning of medium and large areas such as shopping centres.

  • High efficiency of the refrigeration circuit optimized for operation at partial load.

  • Configuration with double fan section with fresh air and THOR thermodynamic recovery.

  • ErP compliant.