Emerson ZX units

Coolcare is pleased to offer Copeland Scroll Large ZX condensing unit and EMP rack for  refrigeration applications.

Capacity from 2.5kw to 37.3kw @ minus 5 suction  / +36 ambient 

In addition to -9 HP condensing unit, Emerson expands Next Generation ZX platform to     12-20 HP medium temperature and low temperature condensing unit and rack, configuring with digital modulation for best in class energy efficiency and food safety.

Emerson ZX series has been highly successful in global market and enjoys proven success with its energy savings and customer-friendly electronic features.

Energy efficiency 

Utilizing Copeland Scroll™ compressor technology, variable speed fan motor, large capacity condenser coil and advanced control algorithms, energy consumption is significantly reduced. End-users can save more than 20% on annual energy costs rather than using hermetic reciprocating units.

Intelligent Store→ Better decision making

Highest efficiency →Lower energy bills

Reliability Lower→ maintenance cost


Copeland Scroll™ Compressor technology Highly efficient, ultra-quiet and highly reliable Configured with CoreSense™ Controller 

  • Provides electronic diagnosis, protection and communication modules for energy-saving and reliable unit control

  • Provides digital modulation control

  • Emerson unique digital technology

  • Proven reliable modulation technology for end user energy saving, accurate temperature control and best food safety


Enhanced vapor injection 

  • High efficient solution for refrigeration application Design features  

  • Real-time monitoring of compressor operating conditions 

  • Compressor reverse rotation protection 

  • Compressor over current protection 

  • Compressor internal motor protector trip 

  • Discharge gas over heat protection 

  • Over voltage protection 

  • Under voltage protection 

  • High pressure protection 

  • Low pressure cut-out 

  • Refrigerant floodback warning

  • Compressor minimum off time

  • Internal thermal sensor failure warning 

  • Compressor oil shortage protection 

  • Intelligent Store Solution: Communication and retail store monitoring

ZXD RANGE  are weather resistant with a vertical discharge (air flow from condensers) this eliminates the use of a plant room 


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