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Our qualified and experienced electrical technicians are able to take a customised approach to install electrical systems in your plant or facility. When doing so, we prioritise safety and design excellence to ensure that our clients get the most out of our electrical services that they possibly can.


Plant room design and installation

For facilities that require a personalised approach to their electrical layout and systems, our experienced technicians can design specific detail of your electrical layout with professional care, skills and experience. Let us see to the unique needs of your business by enlisting in our plant room design and installation services today.


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GYM Benoni Electrical project


One of our latest electrical projects was an installation at a new gym in Benoni which is about 3000 sqm in size. The gym consists of an upstairs and a downstairs training area which have separate distribution boards. 

The upstairs distribution board initially had an existing 200 Amps electrical supply and downstairs had a 150Amps electrical supply. We then requested that the landlord supply us with a further 120Amps electrical supply for the downstairs air-conditioning units.

We installed a total of 621 light fittings (with electrical connection) in the gym consisting of the latest LED technology which is energy saving, where certain parts of the gyms lighting is controlled by remotes and the color of the lights can be changed.

Our total current for the upstairs and downstairs lighting is currently running at a sufficient average of 12Amps per phase, for the three phase supply. 

Furthermore, we installed 65 plug points throughout the gym, of which, certain plug points are dedicated plugs to run certain equipment such as treadmills and computers.

Lastly, we supplied power to all the HVAC systems throughout the gym, to two saunas and one sunbed

121-2 - FF - LIGHTING LAYOUT.png
121-1 - GF - LIGHTING LAYOUT.png