Team CoolCare offers full-service installations and maintenance on refrigeration systems of all types to ensure that our clients get the most out of their setups as possible. We also modify existing systems to make them more efficient and economical.

Our refrigeration servicing and maintenance offers include the following:


Installation and maintenance on refrigeration systems.

Our refrigeration services will not only ensure that your refrigeration system is installed correctly but will also handle routine maintenance on it and its components to ensure that it keeps running to your expectations.


Modifications on existing refrigeration systems 

Have us replace or modify the components associated with your refrigeration system to make it run more economically while also providing you with the effective performance you need.


Installations of cold and freezer insulated rooms.

We specialise in design and installation of cold rooms and walk-in freezers for the commercial sector and offer our services at competitive prices with individual approaches to your needs.


Supply of multi and simplex systems.

We design and supply a range of refrigeration systems for your company’s needs. Contact us for more details on our multiplex and simplex systems.


Supermarket design

Let our designers assist you in determining the ideal product for your needs as well as the manner in which it should be laid out for the most effective and economic performance.


Monitoring systems for the reduction of maintenance costs.

Our unique approach to maintenance will ensure that your hardware is constantly monitored for signs of damage or strain. This way, much-needed maintenance can be performed more quickly with minimal downtime for your business.


Plant and facility room maintenance.

Maintenance is our strong point. We have extensive and highly-specialised experience in this field. Call us today if you need to have your refrigeration system maintained by a trusted professional.


  • Freon system is more cost effective to install compared to an ammonia plant.


  • The gas used in Freon refrigerant (404 or 507) is HCFC free and therefore not ozone depleting.


  • The system is more cost effective on maintenance compared to the specialised hourly rate charge by ammonia technicians.


  • Freon refrigerant technicians are easy to source compared to ammonia technicians who are rare to find.

GOING GREEN R744 CO2 refrigeration 

Traditionally in the industrial space for large scale refrigeration requirement many clients opt for an Ammonia refrigeration system.

At Coolcare we have followed the route of an energy efficient Co2 refrigeration path. Tried and tested by us in both commercial and industrial applications.

Coolcare Co2 refrigeration portfolio stems from small commercial retail stores of 200 KW to industrial production facilities of over 5 MW.

Our latest case study derives from SA largest meat wholesale and retail production facility in JHB, South Africa.

Introducing the latest Co2 trans critical technology designed and manufactured in Europe to accommodate South Africa’s high ambient climate, phasing out of multiple conventional Freon systems to 2 x Trans critical Co2 racks lowering electrical consumption.

With using the latest Bitzer Co2 compressors inverter driven including parallel compression technology assisted by Danfoss Co2 injection and electronic controls for both racks and facility refrigeration points.

 Co2 racks integrated plate heat exchanges supplying facility and storage vessels hot water @ 50 deg C as well as chilled water plate heat exchangers , also supplying hot gas defrost to maximize the Co2 racks output of free energy. We at Coolcare were able to quantify an electrical consumption saving of over 30%, a considerable saving for our client.

State of the art Danfoss Co2 safety and plant monitoring system allows both client and Coolcare full visibility of the facilities at any time, being able to draw logs, retrieve history and assisting the client remotely considerably reducing the amount of nuisance call outs.

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