CoolCare specialises in high tech industrial HVAC solutions, through our qualified installations team. Air-conditioning is widely used in the industrial market in various applications and we are at the fore front of the game.

The advantages of having a HVAC system is not only that it cools the area in respect, it provides uniform flow of cooling and heating. The air moves freely through the area, creating many medical health benefits as well as eliminating various airborne pathogens.

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AC systems filter harmful pollutants out of the air, remove bacteria, dust pollen and considerably reduce allergens. Most importantly, these AC systems assist in regulating humidity levels in order to prevent the growth of mould and mildew. 

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Correctly installed HVAC systems benefit all parts of our green world, supplying cooling to server rooms, assisting equipment temperature stability, assisting in temperature control of the human body (which produces high levels of heat), thus allowing the human brain to perform efficiently in the work space, in a controlled environment.

We at CoolCare provide a complete HVAC installation solution.

Our VFV and VRF systems are most commonly used in hospitals, small medical institutes, shopping centers, etc. These systems ensure a cost-effective application, that provides a quality solution in the individual climate control demand. 


Evaporative Cooling.

Evaporative cooling is designed specifically for medium to large warehouses and factories, providing an efficient and cost-effective cooling solution, whereby clean water is filtered through a ducted air supply system and flows out creating a comfortable and healthy environment.

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Ducted Systems.

This advanced solution provides the most efficient, compact installation for offices, hospitals and any other area that requires cooling and heating. Through a ducted air supply, air enters the system to be filtered, resulting in clean, healthy air that is circulated. This benefits clients / individuals with respiratory ailments. This process is controlled by means of primary and secondary filtration systems. Primary filters include Panel Filters, also known as a G4 Filters and secondary filters include HEPA Filters, which trap 99.9 % of all air particles.


What are HEPA Filters?


HEPA stands for High Efficiency Particulate Air. Approved HEPA filters must trap 99.97% of particulates 0.3 microns or larger. Microns are particles that are most often undetectable by the human eye, and this can include spores, bacteria, mould particles and even car emissions. 

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How HEPA Filtration works

The HEPA filter traps air contaminants by means of a complex structure of fibres. Contaminants are trapped in different ways, depending on the size of the particle. 


Larger contaminants are trapped via inertial impaction and sieving., while medium sized particles, are trapped by the fibers via interception. Smaller particles that enter the filter, are dissipated as they move through the filter.  

Split Systems.

MidWall Split systems are economical purchases, ideal for smaller areas requiring a private cooling and heating solution.

We believe in contributing to an ecofriendly and sustainable world, as our HVAC systems are all 410a Eco Gas friendly and energy efficiency with the option of providing inverted AC systems. The Team CoolCare HVAC Division provides technologically modern and innovative service delivery, as our HVAC systems can be controlled with various apps and live software programmes. Wi-Fi controlled systems are widely used today to assist various medical and industrial markets. These wireless systems can be controlled in real-time, using these simple apps.


Speak to one of our HVAC Specialists and explore the multitude of air-conditioning benefits.

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