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Our technicians at Team CoolCare are highly experienced and skilled in the field of air conditioning installation, servicing and repairs. We service air conditioning systems, ducts and HVAC systems all over South Africa. Here is a little more about our services related to air conditioning:

  • Full-service air conditioner installations and replacements

Our team specialised in full-service air conditioning installations and replacements. Since we are able to source essential components from manufacturers we are able to provide you with the air conditioning solution that your business needs for its operations, and can also see to it that replacement parts are provided when they are required.

  • Routine air conditioner maintenance

Let us see to it that your air conditioner systems work consistently and for an extended amount of time with thorough and extensive maintenance services. Air conditioners need regular attention to ensure that they continue to perform economically and effectively, so trust us to keep them running for you.

  • Installing and maintaining HVAC systems

For more complex cooling solutions that work from a centralised point in buildings and facilities, Team CoolCare offers cost-effective and efficient solutions. We will help you select a solution that is best suited to your business, and will get to work installing it with care and attention to detail. We also provide routine maintenance services for HVAC systems to ensure that they continue to work to your expectations.

  • Air duct installation and maintenance

Our team also works with air duct systems and provides services to have them installed with care, as well as to perform maintenance tasks to see to their upkeep. Installations, inspections, maintenance and cleaning make up these much-needed approaches to controlling the flow of air in your facility, and we provide turnkey solutions to ensure that they are done properly.

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